Window Cleaning

What kinds of window cleaning do we offer?

We offer several kinds of residential window cleaning services. You can hire us for:

  • Traditional window cleaning: We'll use gentle Dawn soap and a squeegee to thoroughly clean the windows. Then, we'll detail the window with a microfiber cloth to ensure that there are no streaks left behind.
  • Water-fed pole window cleaning: Using a special sprayer tool that removes minerals from the water, we'll wash the window and the frame to ensure that it's spotless and streak-free. This method works best on high windows.
  • Interior window cleaning: We'll use Dawn soap, a squeegee and a microfiber cloth to clean away any dust, dirt or sticker adhesive from the windows. We also offer track and sill cleaning services for a small extra charge.
To learn more about our window cleaning services, contact us at 931-241-7400 today.